lyric. Following our 90s singles retrospective, were counting down 50 forgotten tracks from a decade Time forgot. As far as overproduced early-2000s pop goes, which includes approximately every song released in the 2000s, Gotta Tell You is actually quite good, with Mumba never trying to sing over the admittedly catchy beat. Duh. Share on Twitter. 8 Forgotten Female Country Music Stars From The ... genres it seems a lot of stars are only big for a year or so before being forgotten. The album's first single, "If I Could Go," became a big crossover hit, peaking at No. March 10, 2016. The Daily Edge uses cookies. 25 One-Hit Wonders From The '90s & Early 2000s You Totally Forgot Existed LISTEN. Song: Gotta Tell You by Samantha Mumba. Forgotten Pop Bands of The Early 2000s That We Still Secretly Love by ... original songs too! ... What about the 2000s? 10 Hip-Hop Hits Everyone Forgot. Home Communities Create Shop. Think back to some of the biggest summer songs in hip-hop and R&B history. By Luis Mercado June 13, 2013 4:06 PM. 10 Forgotten Male Country Music Stars From The 90s: ... album and has only released mostly covers and greatest hits in the 2000s. Think back to some of the biggest summer songs in hip-hop and R&B history. Some of the biggest songs in hip-hop history have been forgotten. You may have forgotten the name of the song, but you never forget how it made you feel. 46 Quality Indie Bands Of The 2000s You Completely Forgot About. ... have been somewhat forgotten. Worth another listen Share on Facebook. ... That theme song used to be my favorite. *In the interest in making this page view-able and really hitting those forgotten songs hard, Ive limited the entries from 1997 - 2003. rainboX Ever have a childhood show that you really like? Kevin Lyttle- Another big summer 2004 hit with "Turn Me On". Here are 20 of the best R&B and soul songs of the 2000s, including hits by Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Destiny's Child, Maxwell, and Usher. So if you know any post them here Greatest Forgotten TV Shows of the 2000s. 49 Phenomenally Angsty Pop-Punk Songs From The 2000s You Forgot Existed | Thought Catalog The 2000s was a great decade for music. ... 16 amazing songs from the 1990s that you've forgotten They changed your life. Do you remember these early 2000s rappers who made you lose your st at the middle school dance? Definitely this reason and not because I dont know music after 2004. Then your turned your back. They had some great songs and made a little comeback a few years ago. The 2000's decade had many epic club bangers , yet so many tunes are unheard of nowadays on the Radio and TV. Ray J, Wait a Minute Featuring Lil Kim Forgotten Summer Songs of the 2000s. And gosh, how many songs there were to stash in the back of your mind, only to realize that you still know every. Los Lonely Boys- 2004 big hit "Heaven", haven't really heard from them since. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. ... 26 Songs You Totally Forgot About From The '00s Remember Teddy Geiger? Tracks like Will Smith's classic 'Summertime,' Diddy's 'I Need a Girl (Part last. 40 Songs that A millennial may have forgotten from their childhood. Ray J I forgot about that!" Remember Teddy Geiger? We conclude our weeklong look at our favorite tracks of the 2000s. Forgotten R&B Groups of the 2000s. Tracks like Will Smith's classic 'Summertime,' Diddy's 'I Need a Girl (Part 1997 - Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison God lord, 1997 is a veritable treasure trove of terrible/ amazing summer songs. Forgotten Songs ... Forgotten Songs of the Late 90's and 2000's Crazy Town- "Butterfly" was a big hit in the Spring of 2001. Rooney Blueside (2003) Jason Schwartzmans (better looking) little brother scored a minor hit in the early-aughts with Ten one-hit-wonders from the 2000s youve likely forgotten, but should remember, either because theyre really good or hilariously bad. 11 on the Hot Rap Songs. Wires tells the story of Myla, the daughter of lead singer Joel Pott, who had a seizure just after she was born. A brilliant song with an amazing narrative. When Kristy did a post predicting the song of the summer for this year, it got me thinking about the dubious honor of being the song of the summer. Between YouTube's related videos and Spotify playlists, it's now easier to than ever to hear a song and realize, "Hey! Lumidee- Summer 2003 hit "Never Leave You- Uh Oh, Uh Oh". Pop your collar and pull out the Laffy Taffy.