Factors that Influence SEO Ranking

You are most probably aware that Google uses over 200 SEO ranking factors in its algorithm. However, you might not know what exactly these factors are. There are many proven and controversial factors that can influence the ranking of your site by Google. Our SEO experts share some of these factors.

Domain age

The age of a domain influences how a website is ranked by the search engines. Nevertheless, the difference between a six months old domain name and a one year old domain name is not significantly big. Thus, the search engines use the age of a domain name but it does not play a very important role.

Appearance of the keyword in the domain name

Appearance of the keyword in a top-level domain is important. However, this does not give a website a boost that it used to give it in the past. Nevertheless, appearance of a keyword in a domain is still important because it serves as a relevancy signal. Generally, search engine bold the keywords appearing in a domain name. If the keyword appears as the first word of a domain, it gives a website a competitive edge over the other websites that do not have a keyword in their domain and those without keyword at the end or in the middle of the domain.

Length of domain registration

Legitimate or valuable domains are usually paid for many years in advance. Doorway or illegitimate domains on the other hand are rarely used for over a year. As such, the future expiry date of a domain is used as a factor for predicting a domain’s legitimacy and this influences ranking.

Presence of keyword in a sub-domain name

When a keyword appears in a sub-domain, it boosts the ranking of a site by the search engines.

History of a domain

A website that has volatile ownership or with several drops, it tells the search engines to reset the history of a site. This negates the links that point to that domain.

Page level content and keyword based features

Content relevance as well as on-page optimization on the basis of the used keyword combined with topic-modeling influences the algorithms of the search engines. Content quality, quality and relevance are some of the page-level factors that influence the ranking of a website by the search engines.

Title tag keyword

Title tag is the second most vital piece of the content of a website after the content of a page. As such, it sends important signal about on page SEO. A title tag performs better if it starts with the keyword than another one that has the keyword at its end.

Content length

Content that has more words covers a wider breadth. It is also preferred by the search engines to shorter and superficial articles. Thus, pages that have content that has more words are likely to be ranked higher by the search engines.

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